We are happy to see things through with you. No matter your need, we can help you make your agile transformation a success with Enterprise Coaches, Team Coaches or "just" Scrum Masters or Kanban Service Delivery Managers.

The combination of agile training and coaching has proven itself to be successful in avoiding communication problems and being able to get everyone - from the team member to top management - on board.

While a lot of agile coaches seem to "hide out" in software development, we relish working with all departments and leadership levels to make sure that the interests of all relevant stakeholders are reflected and therefore lower organizational resistance on the way towards a more effective organization.

We consider being well versed in Scrum as well as in Kanban to be our great strength. We are therefore able to help you select the right agile method for your situation and are able to combine them where appropriate. HR, for example, often functions better with Kanban, while product development tends to thrive with Scrum. Bringing different departments with different agile methods together in an agile organization is our passion.

We offer our services throughout Europe in English as well as German.

If you would like to work with us, please contact us at to arrange for a first meeting to discuss your needs and wishes.