From Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, Scrum@Scale is a framework suitable for all kinds of businesses that want to work Agile. With Scrum@Scale you can efficiently coordinate an unlimited number of Scrum Teams using a scale-free architecture.

Scrum@Scale was created by Jeff Sutherland, one of Scrum's co-creators. During these two days, you will learn everything you need to know about scaling Scrum according to this framework.

Every participant of a Scrum@Scale class receives an (optional) free hour of online coaching after the training (ideally one to two months after).

The training will be led by Gereon Hermkes, co-author of the Scrum@Scale book „Scaling Done Right.“

Licensed Scrum@Scale Practitioner (Live Workshop)
Scrum@Scale Practitioner (English)Berlin06.08.2020-07.08.2020 REGISTER NOW
Scrum@Scale Practitioner (German) Berlin 13.08.2020-14.08.2020REGISTER NOW
Scrum@Scale Practitioner (English) Berlin 10.09.2020-11.09.2020REGISTER NOW
Scrum@Scale Practitioner (German) Berlin 08.10.2020-09.10.2020REGISTER NOW
Scrum@Scale Practitioner (English)Gothenburg, SE02.11.2020-03.11.2020REGISTER NOW
Scrum@Scale Practitioner (English) Berlin 12.11.2020-13.11.2020REGISTER NOW
Scrum@Scale Practitioner (German) Berlin 10.12.2020-11.12.2020REGISTER NOW

The virtual online classes take place via Zoom in 90-minute weekly sessions. They are well suited to learners who do not wish to travel or want to take the class without missing work.

Licensed Scrum@Scale Practitioner (Online Training über Zoom)
Scrum@Scale Practitioner (English)Time Zones: US90 minutes, Mon-Wed, starting on April 13th, 2020 REGISTER NOW

Note: The "Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner" was recently renamed to "Licensed Scrum@Scale Practitioner".